Huge Cruise Ship pictured squeezing through tiny Corinth Canal with just inches to spare

Nail-biting footage shows the moment a cruise ship became the largest ever vessel to pass through the Corinth Canal in Greece this week. People on the 22.25-metre-wide MS Braemar ship were at times able to touch the sides of the canal, which is 24 metres wide at its narrowest point.

It saves a 430-mile journey around the peninsula but is too narrow for modern ocean freighters and is now mainly used by tourist vessels.

The 24,000-tonne MS Braemar had to be assisted by a tugboat to avoid bumps while carrying over 1,200 passengers and crew. Passengers on the ship said they could touch the canal’s sides.

The cruise set sail from Southampton on September 27 and made the record-breaking passage on Wednesday. The ‘Corinth Canal & Greek Islands’ cruise lasts 25 nights and calls in at locations including Rhodes, Kefalonia and ports in Spain and Italy. Clare Ward, of operator Fred Olsen Cruise Lines, said: ‘This is such an exciting sailing and tremendous milestone in Fred Olsen’s 171-year history, and we are thrilled to have been able to share it with our guests.’

One person claiming to be on board tweeted: ‘Wonderful views and exhilarating. Could touch the trees as we passed by. Congratulations to Captain Jozo Glavic and his crew.’


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