Pastor Accused Of Raping Lady He Was Supposed To Pray For In Cross River

A Nigerian Pastor who allegedly raped a lady he was supposed to pray for and also threatened to kill her with a gun if she revealed what transpired between them, has been paraded after he got arrested alongside suspects. The pastor in charge of the Gate of Testimony Church, Hosanna Okoi, who claimed his church was located in Sierra Leone, was arrested after a lady reported to the police that she was raped and also threatened with a gun not to report the incident. The Pastor who however denied claims that he raped the lady he was supposed to pray for, denied knowing who she was but admitted taking her to a wedding and later to a pub.

He stated, “I am a Nigerian, but I am the pastor of the Gate of Testimony Church based in Sierra Leone. I came to Nigeria and I met the lady, who said she was going to a wedding.

“I did not know her from Adam, but I offered to take her there and gave her N500 to drink water. Later, we met at a pub and we drank and that was all that happened. I did not take her to anywhere and I don’t know why she decided to frame me up.”


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